About GoCardless

We now accept all payments using All payments made through GoCardless., a safe, secure and fast way of managing your payments online without the need for cash. GoCardless is a trusted company that makes setting up and paying direct debits easy. Setup in 2011, it is now a industry wide tool being used by many large businesses, including Thomas Cook.

So How does it Work?

It starts by you visiting our website and clicking on the ‘pay’ link in the top-right corner, here you will see a simple text box where you enter your address as a reference, then click on a ‘go-cardless’ button, where You will be redirected to a form to enter in your payment details. Don’t worry, we never see your bank details as it is completely handled by the company ‘GoCardless’, which is a trusted payment system.

Is GoCardless safe?

Yes. As a direct debit payment system, you have many gaurantees in place by law. One of the gaurantees states that “If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by the organisation or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society”. You will always be notified by email 3 days before the payment is taken by direct debit. If Your ever unsure of a payment made, you can always contact us or your bank regarding the payment. All payment information submitted to GoCardless is encrypted to add that extra layer of security. GoCardless is well known for being a very safe & easy to use system for making payments through your bank.

So whats the process?

Once you have signed up to use our services, we will clean your property windows and leave a card with the return date and pre-agreed price on it. If your an existing customer, payments will be made automatically after the one time setup is complete. If you haven’t set up GoCardless yet, simply go to yourwindowcleaner.org/pay and click on the GoCardless button to fill out a simple form. After this, all payments will be made automatically, usually 3 days after cleaning your properties windows. Thats it! You can then just sit back and let GoCardless do all the work for You.